Wednesday, January 20, 2016

On This Date in Minnesota History: January 20

January 20, 1915 – A calf weighing 185 pounds was born this morning to a cow belonging to M. Garber, cattle buyer at Hibbing, Minn. This is unprecedented, veterinaries declare. Romping around in its pen in a reckless, carefree manner, the calf appears to be glad to be alive and seems unusually enthusiastic at meal times.

“If he keeps on growing I will build a special barn for him,” Garber declared. He added, however, as this prospect confronted him, “I may be able to sell him to a circus. They have got tents and it wouldn’t cost them any more to keep him than the extra amount of food.”

The average weight of a newborn calf is somewhere around 80 lbs., but it depends on the breed; 100 lbs. and up is usually considered a big calf, 70 lbs. and under is quite small.1

Minneapolis Morning Tribune; “Northern Minnesota Calf Tips Scales at 185 Pounds at Birth”; Jan. 21, 1915; p. 1.


Photo taken by Pamela J. Erickson. Released into the public domain Feb. 7, 2015,
as long as acknowledgement included.


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