Monday, November 14, 2016

On This Date in Minnesota History: December14

November 14, 1916 – Horace Jackson, 63, wealthy member of the Chicago Board of Trade, was found late this afternoon in the woods north of Ely, where he has been lost for five days. He was in an exhausted condition, but his friends in Duluth have been informed that after a few days’ rest and medical attention, he will be none the worse for his experience.

Jackson was found by the ten additional experienced woodsmen who were sent out as searchers this morning. S systematic search had been conducted for the past four days. The ten men added today knew the Ely woods thoroughly. They separated into two parties and worked independently.

Jackson was taken to his cabin, 14 miles north of Ely. He is under the care of a physician, and will remain there for several days, and then be taken to Ely. It will probably be a week before he will be able to go to his home in Chicago.

Trace of Jackson was first obtained this morning. The ashes from several fires were discovered and their path indicated that he was heading north. From this fact, his friends in Duluth believed that his compass became erratic because of the iron deposits in the Ely area. If he had gone south instead of north, exactly reversing himself, he would have ended up in Ely.

Three bloodhounds were shipped to Ely from Duluth today for use in the search. They had not yet arrived, however, before Jackson was found.
The Minneapolis Morning Tribune; “Hunter Lost in Ely Woods Found Alive. Woodsmen, After Long Search, Find Rich Chicago Man in Exhausted Condition.”; Nov. 15, 1916; p. 1.


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