Tuesday, January 12, 2016

On This Date in Minnesota History: January 12

January 12, 1911 – Two inmates of the state reformatory in St. Cloud made a daring attempt to escape today.

They led under fire of the guards stationed on the walls, and were recaptured half an hour later in a haystack a mile from the institution.

The men were working in the stone shed and while the guards were busy linking the convicts to take them back to dinner, they slipped away from the line.

Securing a ladder, they climbed to the top of the wall before they were discovered.

The guards on the walls immediately opened fire on the fugitives, but they kept on running.

An exciting chase ensued, the two men dropping to the ground every time a shot was fired, with them fleeing towards the woods.

The convicts reached a marsh and escaped momentarily from the view of the officers.

The guards finally located them hidden in the haystack and they were returned to the reformatory at the muzzles of rifles.

The Minneapolis Morning Tribune; “Fleeing Convicts Captured. Two Prisoners Scale Wall at the St. Cloud Reformatory—Caught a Mile Away.”; Jan. 13, 1911; p. 1.

St. Cloud Reformatory


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