Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Census Index Name Game – Part II

Occasionally you won’t be able to find a relative in a particular census. You can find them in the census 10 years prior, and you find them in the census 10 years later living in the same place. What happened in-between?
As I mentioned in The Census Index Name Game – Part I, it could be that their name was misspelled or incorrectly transcribed in the census index, or it could be something as simple as no one was home when the census taker made his rounds.
A tracking method that has worked for me is to choose a neighbor, usually someone on the same page of the census where you found your relative, and see if you can find that neighbor in the census where you’re unable to find your relative. If your family is listed in that census, they should be on the same page as their neighbor, or within close proximity.

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