Monday, April 4, 2016

On This Date in Minnesota History: April 4

April 4, 1903 – President Theodore Roosevelt stopped in the Twin Cities this afternoon on his cross country railway tour.

Roosevelt’s Schedule1

His schedule for the afternoon and evening was extremely tight. Tickets for admission to the President’s address were sold out, but hundreds of strangers were on the streets. They came on the early morning trains from all over the state to see President Roosevelt. As only a few would gain admittance to the armory, the majority came miles and miles only to catch a glimpse of Roosevelt as he drove through the streets.

President Theodore Roosevelt2

The Minneapolis Journal; “The City En Fete in President’s Honor”; April 03, 1903, p. 1

The Minneapolis Journal; “Many Strangers in the City.”; April 04, 1903; p. 2.

1The Minneapolis Journal, April 03, 1903, p. 1


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