Wednesday, November 30, 2016

On This Date in Minnesota History: November 30

November 30, 1922 – Youthful bandits, so nervous they spilled silver coins all over the floor in their haste to gather up their loot, held up the Elgin Creamery Company at the supper hour this evening and escaped with the cash. The amount they got has not been definitely determined, but officials believe it to be about $3,000.

Two of the youths entered the creamery offices through a rear basement door while a partner guarded the rear door. Reaching the office, one of the bandits carried a gun and told R. E. Hanson, secretary-treasurer of the company, to back up to the wall. Hanson was alone in the office and was counting receipts from the last two days.

While one youth guarded Hanson, the other grabbed a bag and began dumping bills and coins into it. All money was raked off a desk and a cash drawer in the safe was emptied. Dozens of coins rolled onto the floor and the clink of falling money hastened the bandits’ work. They backed out of the rear door and disappeared with their lookout among the creamery’s wagons and trucks.

Hanson tried to chase the boys but was unable to do anything in the darkness. He then notified the sheriff’s office.  The creamery is located just outside the Minneapolis, Minn., city limits (would now be located in Edina).

The Minneapolis Morning Tribune; “$3,000 Stolen in Bandit Raid. Youths Spill Silver Coins in Haste to Escape With Elgin Creamery Loot.”; Dec. 1, 1922; p. 1.

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