Wednesday, January 25, 2017

On This Date in Minnesota History: January 25

January 25, 1913 – The publication of intimate details in the business career of William J. Reid and his sentence of six years in the penitentiary, given at Fresno, Calf., today, added new chapters to the story of a man regarded by detectives and bank protective association officers as one of the most unscrupulous and “smoothest” of swindlers.

Reid, who was arrested in Fresno, attempting to pass a forged check, is also wanted by authorities in other places, most notably Ceylon, Minn., for an alleged bank swindle there. In Fresno today, he pleaded guilty to forgery and was sentenced at once.

Reid is well known in Chicago, but never was known in Ceylon to have been engaged in any shady manipulations. Instead, his reputation was of the highest and those associated in business with him assert today that there must be some mistake in identity; it couldn’t be the same Reid they knew.

Known in Ceylon as John Carr, Reid passed a bogus draft as Carr, and has been identified by wire by officers of the First National Bank of Ceylon as the man they want.

Fresno authorities have assured the Minn. people that they will be given the first opportunity to re-arrest Reid after he serves his six-year sentence in the penitentiary.

Minneapolis Morning Tribune; “Reid Is Sent to Prison for Six-Year Term. Alleged Bank Swindler Pleads Guilty to Forgery in Fresno, Calif. Minnesota authorities Told They May Have Him After That. Wanted to Answer Charges of Defrauding Bank at Ceylon, Minn. Was Known in Chicago as a Reputable and Wealthy Business Man. His Sister Pleads Leniency—Reid Weeps as Sentenced.”; Jan. 26, 1913; p. 1.


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