Friday, March 3, 2017

On This Date in Minnesota History: March 3

March 3, 1910 – An emphatic denial to the story that a brewery was to be established at the university farm school was made by Dean A. F. Woods, head of the college of agriculture. A university publication today said: “A fully equipped brewery is the latest proposed addition to the university. Not satisfied with ‘kraut’ canneries, pretzel bakeries and cheese factories, the agricultural college is to add a new feature to the already Bohemian life.”

Dean Woodward contradicted the story. “There is absolutely no truth in the story. I do not know what the writer could have meant unless it was the new denatured alcohol plant, for which the last legislature appropriated $6,000. Professor Hoagland, of the chemical department, is preparing the plans for this experimental distillery of denatured alcohol and it will probably be finished this coming summer. But there will be no brewery on this farm, nor is beer to be manufactured here.”

President Northrup jokingly said, “I do not think the university will establish a brewery. The experimental farm is not allowed to compete with the industries of the state, and I do not think that the farm students could drink all the beer we could brew. We shall not establish a brewery, even for experimental purposes.”

The Minneapolis Morning Tribune; “Brewery at Farm School? ‘No!’ Thunders the Dean”; March 4, 1910; p. 2.

Farm, St. Paul, University of Minnesota, 1910


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