Tuesday, June 13, 2017

On This Date in Minnesota History: June 13

June 13, 1901 – Adelarde Joyal, a French Canadian employed in the car shops in St. Cloud, Minn., would now be a double murderer had his aim been true. At 9:45 this morning he met his wife on the river bank and shot her twice; one bullet passing through the left side of her neck and the other into her left shoulder. He fired a third time but missed.

The Joyals have been separated for some time and divorce proceedings, instituted by the wife, are now pending. She charges cruel and inhuman treatment and drunkenness, and there are also serious religious differences.

Today when husband and wife met, by accident it is supposed, Joyal asked her for a kiss and to live with him. She refused. He grabbed her by the arm and fired two shots at close range from a 38-caliber revolver. Mrs. Joyal broke away and escaped the third shot. She ran into the home of Mrs. Kranz, a neighbor, and Joyal in hot pursuit fired his two remaining shots at Mrs. Kranz who was outside her door. Fortunately his aim was poor and the woman was unhurt.

The police found Joyal hidden in some shrubbery and was easily arrested, although he had reloaded his gun and probably had planned to make a fight. Mrs. Joyal was taken to St. Raphael’s Hospital and will no doubt recover.

The Minneapolis Journal; “Joyal Shot to Kill. Wife Murder Almost Done at St. Cloud. Mrs. Joyal Wounded Twice. Shots Fired at a Second Woman Miss Their Mark—Sequel of an Estrangement.”; June 13, 1901; p. 1.

St. Raphael's Hospital



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