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On This Date in Minnesota History: June 16

June 16, 1904 – John M. Adams, agent of the Humane Society, risked his life today in the Mississippi River to save a Scotch Collie. Although the heroic undertaking occurred under the steel arch bridge, not one of the throng that passed over the structure knew of the brave act. The animal alone gave utterance to appreciation of the dangerous undertaking and in good strong dog talk lavished all sorts of affection on his rescuer. All Mr. Adams would say was: “Oh, I am glad I saved him.”

Scotch Collie1 

Word came to the society this morning that since yesterday a dog had lain on a boom log under the bridge. At 10 a.m. Adams started at 16th Ave. N. with Arthur Hauck and William Lee, looking for some means to get at the shivering creature. Endeavors to get a boat were fruitless. About 300 yards above the bridge is a logging shanty. Here Adams doffed his clothes and took the swift current at such an angle as to land himself beside the dog. The Collie eyed the swimmer suspiciously; then was overjoyed when he discovered his purpose.

Union Station and Arch Bridge2 

Risking the danger of being sucked under by the swift current near the falls, Adams, towing the dog, swam to the bank below the bridge. With the aid of Hauck and Lee and a Journal man, both bedraggled dog and his rescuer were hauled 30 feet to the top of the union station embankment.

The Minneapolis Journal; “Risked Life for a Dog. John M. Adams Plunges Into Swift current of River and Rescues Scotch Collie.”; June 16, 1904; p. 6.

St. Anthony Falls Today3




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