Tuesday, August 15, 2017

On This Date in Minnesota History: August 15

August 15, 1905 – The Cass Lake land office opened at 9 a.m. sharp and the next half-hour witnessed some exciting scenes. Wragge, the first man in line, filed on lots one, two and three, section seventeen, one mile west of the village along the Great Northern railway. He and approximately 29 others in line had been holding vigil in front of the Cass Lake land office beginning Aug. 1 to ensure they would secure the claims they had selected.

The three women in line, Mrs. Keefe of Cass Lake, being number 12; Mrs. Austin and Mrs. Relyea of Nebish, numbers 19 and 20 respectively, were all successful in having their filings accepted.

Persons who had settled on the land started for the land office at breakneck speed. Lars Elmquist, the man who settled on land, came to the office and filed with no opposition. Then Dr. Christenson of Cass Lake mounted on a thoroughbred running horse with a record of a mile in 1:50, dismounted at the land office door and filed, having established a settlement on his land.

He was followed by his sister, Miss Marie Christenson, who drove to the office with the fastest running horse owned here and filed with no opposition.

The work was handled very expeditiously, the first four filings being disposed of in two and one-half minutes. The great interest in the opening shows the reservation lands are much wanted by settlers.

It is probable that many contests will be started between those who settled on the land and others who offered their filings at the land office.

The Minneapolis Journal; “Busy Scenes At office. Four Women Among Land Hunters at Cass Lake.”; Aug. 15, 1905; p. 2.

The Bemidji Daily Pioneer; “Holds It ‘Way Up. No. 1 at Cass Lake Land Office Door Thinks His Place Worth $1500. Thirty People Already in Line for Aug. 15 Opening. Great interest Manifested in the Opening Set for That Date.”; Aug. 5, 1905; p. 4.



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