Friday, October 6, 2017

On This Date in Minnesota History: October 6

October 6, 1905 – A sensational kidnapping was committed by an alleged tramp on this date in Mankato, the victim being Ormond Kusche, the 6-year-old son of Charles Kusche. The boy was enticed from his friends by offerings of candy and was not missed until late in the evening.

According to the story told by a friend of the Kushe boy, the stranger picked Ormond up and carried him in his arms a short distance down the street. After he had taken him away from his playmates, the man set the boy down and seemed to be giving him candy, and otherwise enticing him to go with him toward a piece of timber land on the side of the hill. The two were soon hidden from view of the passersby.

When Ormond did not return home with the other boys, his father set out to look for him. On learning the part that the tramp had played in the affair, he at once notified the police and a party of neighbors joined him in the search. Nothing was learned of the boy’s whereabouts, and the mother, who was in the search party, returned to the house all but prostrate with grief and fear. Members of the party, including Mr. Kusche, continued the search all night.

While on his way to work the next morning, George Kimball noticed a boy lying in a thicket close to the road. On approaching, he recognized him as the Kusche boy. Mr. Kusche was notified at once, and took the boy home.

The boy’s face was badly scarred, there are several cuts and gashes on his head and his whole body was terribly bruised. His nerves were seriously affected. His condition was aggravated by having lain all night on the damp ground.

Officers obtained a clue that the supposed tramp came to Mankato on Sunday with a woman, said by him to be his wife, from Morris, Minn. Both left suddenly the day of the kidnapping, and Sheriff Williams wired the sheriff of Stevens County to hold them if they return to that county. The motive behind the kidnapping is unexplainable at this time.

The Minneapolis Journal; “Kidnapping Laid To Man And Wife. Officials at Mankato Have Clues in Case of 6-Year-Old Kusche Lad.”; Oct. 7, 1905; p. 1.


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