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On This Date in Minnesota History: November 7

Seems Like Old Times

*November 7, 1910 – A whole battery of men with cameras, each individual to be accompanied by an escort of Republican workers or Pinkertons, will be turned loose in Minneapolis’ First, Second, Third, Fourth and Fifth wards with the opening of the polls tomorrow, with instructions to photograph every person challenged at the polls or of whom they have the slightest suspicion.

The Republican leaders at headquarters in the Sykes block vouched for this today and said they had on hand convincing evidence of many cases of false registration on the part of individuals and that they intend to use the camera brigade so that when the cases they promise to bring into court are called, they will have undisputable evidence of the identity of the suspect who votes.

The Klimax camera was manufactured by W. Butcher & Sons and introduced 
in approximately circa 1910.1

B. F. Ward, one of the men working from headquarters, who was put on detective work weeks ago, will be in charge of this part of the poll watching.

He intends to arrest men who are voting too often or who are not entitled to vote on the spot.

“We have plenty of evidence on hand now,” said Ward, “but we do not intend to use it unless the persons attempt to vote. If so, the man’s picture will be taken immediately. I expect to have as many as three cameras in a precinct in some localities. We know now of men who registered at two or three different polling places either on primary day or since. Also there has been a little fraudulent mail registration.”

“Past experience has taught us that if the illegal voter once leaves the polls, it is difficult to establish his identity afterward. The camera will do away with that trouble. We understand, also, that there is a plan to send substitutes in the evening to vote for persons who are absent.” 

At Democratic headquarters the plans of the Republicans were treated lightly. Richard Tattersfeld said that he would be glad to have the opposition photograph all Democrats who vote.

“Of course there is always a little illegal voting,” he said. “But we make every effort to blot it out. If there is any, I hope that the Republicans will arrest the guilty and that the courts will prosecute. We, on the other hand, will keep a strict watch ourselves.”

Gov. Eberhart

Republican Party of Minnesota gubernatorial candidate Adolph Olson Eberhart2 (above) defeated Democratic Party of Minnesota challenger James Gray in the 1910 election.

The Minneapolis Morning Tribune
; “Cameras Out for Repeaters. Republicans Plans to Have Photographers Snap All Challenged Voters.”; Nov. 8, 1910; p. 2.





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