Monday, July 18, 2016

On This Date in Minnesota History: July 18

July 18, 1916 – M. S. Staples of Minneapolis, immigration agent of the Soo Railway, C. A. Beaty, director, and I. J. Ingrahm, cameraman, of the Amazon Film Exchange, Chicago, were in Bemidji today and took moving pictures of Bemidji and surrounding places for the Chicago Herald.

Crookston Mills, Bemidji, Minn.1

Pictures were taken of the Crookston Mills, of the St. Hilaire Lumber Company, Birchmont Beach Hotel, Diamond Point, street scenes in Bemidji and several farm scenes.

Birchmont Beach Hotel, Bemidji, Minn.2

The pictures are being taken of Northern Minnesota to exhibit at the Herald’s industrial exposition in Chicago and will also be shown in about 2,000 theaters in Illinois and Iowa as well as theaters in the southern part of this state.

The pictures will also be shown in cities in the east. The purpose is to show people of the east the people and farms and cities of the middle west.

The pictures will do much to bring in settlers to the Bemidji area and will do much for “Boosting Northern Minnesota.”

Pictures were taken of Duluth, Superior and Aitkin yesterday.

The pictures will be on permanent exhibition in Chicago.

The Bemidji Daily Pioneer; “Soo Railway Takes Movies of Bemidji for Chicago Herald. Pictures to Be Shown in 2,000 Theaters in the States of Illinois and Iowa. To Be Shown at Big Industrial Exhibit. Purpose is to Secure Immigrants and to Show People of East the Middle West.”; July 18, 1916; p. 1.




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