Thursday, March 16, 2017

On This Date in Minnesota History: March 16

March 16, 1903 – Cleveland-Cliffs Mining Company officials are in Duluth today to arrange for the opening of the Crosby Mine.

“Contracts will be let this week for the stripping and excavating that will be necessary before mining operations commence,” said M. M. Duncan.

J. Yungbluth, J. S. Minnie, J. E. Japling and Duncan, all of Ishpeming, Mich., came this morning at 11:00, and with others arriving later this afternoon, they will leave for Hibbing in two days to look over the property. The trip is being made at this time as a stretch of unimproved country must be traveled over, and the members want to make the trip before the spring break.

“That’s what we are here for,” said Yungbluth, when asked if the party was to look over the Crosby Mine, which the company acquired the working interest in last January.

“The opening of the mine will start as soon as it is possible to put the men and machines on it,” he continued. “They are now building the boarding houses and the sheds and other buildings to care for the men who will be employed in the clearing work when it is started. We are going up now to avoid the break in the season which is due in a week or so, and would shut us off from a visit for a fortnight.”

“We are here to figure on letting contracts,” said Duncan. “We will let them this week. None have been let so far, but several bids are in.”

“I can’t tell just when work will begin. It depends upon when the spur railroad track is completed, and I do not know what shape that work is in now. What we are in here for now is to ascertain exactly the shape things are in at the property, and so we cannot give out much information about it.”

It is more than likely that ore will be taken out this summer in large quantities. The work of getting the mine ready for operation will be rushed, and it is expected that the railroad will be completed within a few weeks.

Senator E. B. Hawkins has been sent for and will arrive in Duluth from St. Paul the middle of the week, when the bids are opened. Other prominent mining men are collecting at the Spalding Hotel to see the Cleveland-Cliffs officials, and George H. Crosby, who returned from California last week, will probably accompany the party to the mining property.

The Duluth Evening Herald; “To Strip Mine. Cleveland Cliffs Officials Here In Connection With Crosby Mine. Will Let Contracts For Stripping—To Operate this Year.”; March 16, 1903; p. 4.

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