Friday, March 17, 2017

On This Date in Minnesota History: March 17

March 17, 1911 – Twelve men, experienced in the service of Minneapolis express companies, left Minneapolis this evening for New York as strikebreakers, helping to cover for the 5,000 Teamsters on strike in that city. The Wells Fargo Company furnished the largest quota with six men—three from the main office and the remaining from the depot force. Minneapolis officials of the company believe the strike will be ended within the week and have promised the men that they will not be kept in New York for a longer time.

The strikebreakers will be employed mostly at platform and clerical work in the metropolis, and the New York men they relieve will be placed as drivers to cover for the striking men. This action is necessary because of the New York statutes, which forbid teamsters to drive in that city unless they have been residents for a year and pass examinations on the traffic regulations.

Men from all the larger cities of the U. S. employed by the express companies are being forced to go to New York on pains of losing their positions. It was said in the depot office of the Wells Fargo Company this evening that 12 men had been ordered from Kansas City, 10 from St. Paul and 40 from Chicago. Only single employees were asked to join the ranks of the strikebreakers.

There is considerable feeling against the Minneapolis men who will assist the companies in their New York trouble. One of the foremen of the Milwaukee depot platform force resigned tonight because of this trouble.

The Minneapolis Morning Tribune; “Express Men Off to Strike. Minneapolis Employes (sic) to Take Places of Men Out in new York.”; March 18, 1911; p.  __________________________________________________________

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