Tuesday, March 7, 2017

On This Date in Minnesota History: March 7

March 7, 1911 – For the first time since the last clash with the Indians in Minn., the bugle sounded the call “to arms” today at Ft. Snelling. The bugler, stirred with the importance of his duty, made his trumpet yield a clear blast that carried the notes to the Minnesota Soldier’s Home, up the river, where the veterans of real warfare stopped in their tracks and listened to the call, shocked and wondering.

Minnesota Soldier’s Home1

Ordered to move at once to the Mexican frontier, where, the orders say, they will be required to do patrol duty and to protect the interests of the border citizens of the U. S. from encroachments on the part of the Mexican revolutionary or federal troops, the entire garrison of Ft. Snelling, consisting of 12 companies of infantry and four troops of cavalry, together with a machine gun brigade will leave immediately. The post will be left in charge of a detail of two men from each of the cavalry troops and a battery of field artillery.

Mexican Revolution insurrectionists with a homemade cannon in
Juarez, 1911.

Overjoyed at the prospect of active service and a chance to view the revolution, the members of the various companies today busily prepared for the trip. They will leave over the Omaha railroad for Kansas City. There they will be taken southward over the Santa Fe road. They have not yet received orders as to their exact destination.

The Minneapolis Morning Tribune; “Quarter of U. S. Army Is Called to Arms. Ft. Snelling Soldiers Are Ready to Move. Troops Here Notified of the Order Sending Them to Mexican Border. Bugle Blast spreads Tidings—Full Equipment Is Prepared. Real War Rules Governs the Post as Companies Plan to Act.”; March 8, 1911; p. 1.




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