Monday, February 17, 2014

On This Date in Minnesota History: February 17

February 17, 1977 - Helen Voorhees Brach (born November 10, 1911), a widowed  American multi-millionairess whose wealth had come from marrying into the E. J. Brach & Sons Candy Company fortune, disappeared on this date in Rochester, Minn. and was declared legally dead in May 1984.1

The Kahler Grand Hotel

Bach was visiting “the Mayo Clinic in Rochester for a checkup. The doctors found her to be in good health, she paid her bill, checked out of her room at the Kahler Grand Hotel, made some purchases at a gift shop, and then left. This was the last time that [anyone saw] her.”2

Helen Voorhees Brach

 “To this day, people report seeing Brach riding the elevators [in the Kahler Grand Hotel] and vanishing before their eyes.”2


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