Thursday, November 6, 2014

On This Date in Minnesota History: November 6

November 6, 1903 – Silent film star June Marlowe was born on this date as Gisela Valaria Goetten of German parents in St. Cloud, Minn.1 Her father owned a meat market in St. Cloud.2

“The Goetten family moved to Los Angeles, California where June attended and graduated from Hollywood High School in 1922. Although she planned a career in art, Gisela participated in many high school stage productions. It was during this time that Gisela’s natural beauty and talent was discovered. With her tall slender build, wavy hair, smooth complexion and expressive eyes, she was destined to become a star.

Gisela made her film debut in 1924, in ‘Find Your Man,’ with Rin Tin Tin. Her overwhelming success and popularity as the “girl with the soulful eyes” prompted producers to change her name to June Marlowe after the famous stage star, Julia Marlowe. After signing a contract with Warner Studios, June appeared in many successful films such as ‘A Lost Lady’ and ‘The Life of Riley.’ She won critical acclaim for her role as Trusia in the 1926 silent film ‘Don Juan’ with John Barrymore.”2

In 1930, “she took the role as Miss Crabtree in six ‘Our Gang’ comedies produced by Hal Roach. June’s role as the lovable and beautiful school teacher with child star Jackie Cooper has been the most famous and memorable of her Hollywood career.”2

In 1933, Marlowe married Hollywood businessman Rodney Sprigg and retired from motion pictures to become a housewife. She died from complications caused by Parkinson’s disease on March 10, 1984.1

June Marlowe1


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