Tuesday, May 5, 2015

On This Date in Minnesota History: May 5

May 5, 1917 – The body of Minneapolis Patrolman George Connery was found this evening a half mile north of Myers Station in Anoka County by Capt. Arthur Gow, 1st Minnesota field artillery, and a detail of guardsmen, after Gow had received an anonymous phone call while on duty at the armory, Kenwood Parkway, Minneapolis.

Minneapolis Patrolman George Connery*

The unknown caller asked, “Is this you Gow?”

“Yes,” Gow replied.

“I want to tell you where George Connery’s body is. I’m not kidding you. You’ll find the body half a mile north of Myers Station on the Anoka & Cuyuna Range Railroad. Get off the interurban line at Myers Station, walk straight north until you cross a small bridge, follow a road crossing  the main road to a point in a scrub oak wood cleanup, where you will find a place where there’s room for an automobile to turn around. Walk 150 feet to the right of this point and you’ll find the body.”

Then the caller hung up before Gow could ask any questions.

Gow and his guardsmen went by automobile to the point designated. They found the body at the exact point the caller had described. By the side of the body were a police book and a crucifix. Officer Connery’s hands were clenched on his breast and his feet were crossed. His police cap was smashed down over his ears, and his skull crushed in.

He had been shot twice, once in the head and once in the leg. The right pant leg of the trousers had been clipped off at the knee. The police were at a loss to explain this.

Minneapolis Police Chief Harthill gave orders the body was not to be removed nor touched by anyone until fingerprint experts had the opportunity to examine it and the surroundings carefully.

The decision was made to inform Mrs. Connery of the discovery in the morning.

St. Paul Daily News; “Mystery Voice Over Telephone Directs Guard; Crucifix and Police Book Beside Corpse of George Connery, Minneapolis Officer. Discovered Near Myers Station in Anoka County. Is Thought Slain By Mrs. Dunn’s Murderers; Policeman Victim of Automobile Tragedy, Fearfully Beaten and Shot—Soldiers Follow Directions From Unknown Man—Suspects Arrested.”; May 6, 1917; pp. 1 & 2.

St. Paul Daily News; “Chief Sure As To Redenbaugh; O’Connor Holds Double-Slayer Theory Strengthened by Finding of Body.”; May 6, 1917; pp. 1 & 2.


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