Thursday, June 23, 2016

On This Date in Minnesota History: June 23

June 23, 1921 – Believed a victim of some mental aberration, John Sylvansus Allanson, 22-year-old University of Minnesota student, is being searched for by police in all Northwest cities, it was disclosed today.

The young man has been missing since he left his Minneapolis boarding house on May 7. He left all his baggage behind and said nothing to his landlady. Allanson lived in Wheaton, Minn., where his father, George Allanson, is the postmaster.

This evening police were considering the possibility that a body taken out of the Mississippi River this afternoon might be that of Allanson. The body had been in the river for at least a month, and bore no marks of identification. All clothing had been washed off, and not even the approximate age could be determined.

The body was taken from the river near the Milwaukee Bridge at the foot of East 26th Street after pedestrians had seen it floating in the river.

Since his return from service in France, Allanson has acted oddly according to reports to police. He was given to violent moods of melancholy, was always very quiet and avoided conversation.

Allanson was a student at the University before going into the army, and reentered as a Sophomore last year.

The body found in the river was not Allanson. John S. Allanson can be found in the 1940 Census in a Veteran’s mental Hospital in Suffolk, NY.

The Minneapolis Morning Tribune; “Police Search Northwest for Missing Man. University Student Believed Victim of Mental Aberration.”; June 24, 1921; p. 1.

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