Tuesday, May 1, 2018

On This Date in Minnesota History: May 1

May 1, 1912 – Miss Aurelia McMiller was the victim of a peculiar accident at Nicollet Baseball Park late this afternoon, when a bullet from the revolver of Detective William Mealey struck her in the left thigh, inflicting a slight flesh wound. The bullet then continued on its way and struck a small boy in the heel of his shoe, but did not wound him.

It was just after the game and the detective was scrambling over the seats toward the exit. His revolver fell out of his hip pocket and was discharged as it fell to the floor of the stand.

Great excitement was created when the shot rang out, as the cry of the woman followed. Detective Mealey hurried to her assistance and helped her into a waiting automobile, occupied by her mother. She was taken to her home and a physician summoned, who said the wound was trifling.

Detective Mealey is the son of the chief of police. All efforts to locate him this evening and get his version of the accident proved unproductive. At headquarters it was given out that no report of the shooting had been received there.

The Minneapolis Morning Tribune; “Woman Shot at Ball Park. Gun, Falling Out of Sleuth’s Pocket, Explodes—Girl and Boy Hit.”; May 2, 1912; p. 1.



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