Monday, June 11, 2018

On This Date in Minnesota History: June 11

June 11, 1920 – The decision of Judge A. B. Childress, in which he held that Judge J. F. Martin of Dodge County Probate Court, could not collect compensation during the period while he was suspended from office by Gov. J. A. A. Burnquist, was affirmed by the Minnesota Supreme Court today.

Judge Childress filed an order in the District Court of Dodge County in which he held that Judge Martin was not entitled to collect salary from Feb. 29, 1918 to Dec. 1918.


Judge Martin was accused of publicly stating that the war was all wrong and that the president was insincere, and of otherwise being disloyal and discouraging enlistments.

He was suspended from office by Gov. Burnquist Feb. 20, 1918, on the grounds of malfeasance in office because he was found guilty by the governor of being disloyal to the government during the World War. The Supreme Court reversed the order of the governor and held that the conduct of Judge Martin did not amount to malfeasance in office.

During the investigation by the governor and the trial in in the Supreme Court, Judge J. M. F. Cooper of Mantorville held the office as an appointee of the governor and drew the salary from Feb. 20, 1918 to Dec. 1918.

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