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On This Date in Minnesota History: December 7

December 7, 1941 - This is a photo of the USS Ward gun crew #3 sometime after the "First Shot" at the Japanese submarine on 7 December 1941.

The Ward's gun can be found on the Minnesota Capitol grounds.

Photo taken by Pamela J. Erickson. Released into the public domain Dec. 7, 2012,
as long as acknowledgement included.

Dedicated to the following men of the 47th Division, 11th Battalion, 9th Naval District U.S. Naval Reserve, St. Paul, Minnesota, ordered to active duty January 21, 1941. These men all served on board the destroyer U.S.S. Ward, DD 139, which fired the first shot of World War II, at Pearl Harbor by sinking a Japanese midget submarine on December 7, 1941, at 6:45 a.m.

Lieutenant H.F. Doughty
Ensign D.B. Hainie

Anderson, C.F. S2C
Ball, R.L. S2C
Barfuss, C.A. S2C
Bukrey, E.J. S2C
Campion, W.A. S2C
Christopherson, G.H. F1C
Collyard, H.V. S2C
Conroy, W.E. Com
Cyrus, J.H. MATT2C
Derosia, G.H. CWT
Dionisopoulos, P.A. S2C
Dolan, G.C. S2C
Domagall, A.A. S2C
Byrda, J.P. S1C
Ekblad, K.W. MM1C
Entenmann, J.R. F3C
Ethier, O.S. F3C
Fenton, C.W. S2C
Fink, H.J. S2C
Flanagan, H.P. S2C
Fluegel, J.V. S1C
Fratto, F.L. F1C
Gearia, H.F. S1C
Gerner, L.O. CM3C
Gibson, E.T. CY
Gill, J.C. S2C
Gorman, R.H. S2C
Griep, W.C. S2C
Grindall, B.J. S2C
Grueing, D.W. S2C
Haes, D.D. RM3C
Haiberger, G.G. S2C
Hajdu, F.M. S2C
Harris, H.J. F1C
Howat, A.J. F1C
Hueffmeier, G.W. S2C
Hughes, F.V. S2C
Hultman, G.R. S2C
Hurley, M.J. F3C
Jones, D.B. S2C
Kinderman, B.J. F1C
Knapp, R.H. BM2C
Kramolisce, J.W. F3C
Lasch, K.C.J. COX
Leclair, G.J. S2C
Lehner, W.S. F3C
Linn, P.A. WTIC
Lombardi, D.J. S2C
Mayer, W.L. CGM
Merthan, J.R. F3C
Mondo, G.J. GM3C
Morgan, D.J. WTIC
Mrozak, E.A. S2C
Nadeau, T.C. F3C
Nelson, H.H. WT2C
Nolde, R.B. S2C
Norlander, F.C. F3C
Paynter, H.K. F1C
Peick, J.A. S2C
Pepin, D.R.C. S2C
Peterson, J.E. S1C
Pfaff, K.L. S2C
Phenning, F.P. F3C
Probst, P.W. SC1C
Raeubig, H.E. S2C
Reetz, R.A. F3C
Richardson, R.E. S2C
Sanford, A.C. S2C
Schmitt, C.E. S2C
Scholtes, W.A. S2C
Seydel, R.J. F3C
Southward, H. S2C
Spratt, J.L. F3C
Stein, R.E. S2C
Swedberg, K.C. F1C
Thill, R.J. S2C
Throne, J.F. S2C
Trimmer, J.P. RM3C
Wells, H.O. S2C
Wood, R.W. S2C
Zechmann, E.A. F3C
Zechmann, R.A. F3C

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