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On This Date in Minnesota History: January 6

January 6, 1920 – Unrepentant for the scores of highway robberies in the Twin Cities, and mindful only of his “reputation,” Henry Jorgenson, alias Robert Alden, the Owatonna kid, today pleaded with a St. Paul Dispatch reporter to “get it right with the public about that pint of cream which you said I stole.”

Jorgenson, who is only 18 years old, has admitted to 20 holdups in St. Paul and 14 in Minneapolis in the past three months, according to police. He and his partner, George Christensen, also under arrest, have admitted their identity as the Mutt and Jeff bandits whose activities in the Hill district have kept police on edge since Nov.

Jorgensen was arrested in Minneapolis on Sunday by Detective William Oliver and Thomas Brown of St. Paul after he had purchased a ticket to Owatonna, his home.

Police recalled today that it was Owatonna that charged that St. Paul was the harbor of thieves and accused the police department of protecting bandits who operated in nearby towns. In his confession, Jorgensen said that Owatonna was his “nest” where he ran to cover after he had prayed on the public.

Police Chief J. J. O’Connor, who outguessed Jorgensen and led him into a trap, has characterized him as “an ace of the underworld and the coolest working ‘stick-up’ in St. Paul in a decade.”

Jorgensen is a debonair, well dressed youth with an easy, courteous manner and is an excellent conversationalist.

The Daily People’s Press; “Bandit Youth Says Home is in Owatonna. Admits more than 20 Robberies in Twin Cities.”; Owatonna, Minn.; Jan. 7, 1920; p. 1.


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