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On This Date in Minnesota History: February 10

February 10, 1902 – A fire in the advertising department of Hamm’s Brewery this morning damaged the building and contents to the extent $1,000. Of this loss $600 is on the building and $400 on the contents.

The Hamm’s mansion (far right) overlooking the brewery1

About 10 this morning, W. L. Williams, the advertising manager of the company, smelled smoke in his office in the northeast corner of the building. On making investigations he found that the building was on fire and the alarm was turned in. Within five minutes the first engine arrived on the scene and began to fight the flames. Other engines arrived and in a few minutes the fire was extinguished.

The blaze started from an overheated stovepipe leading to the chimney. It caught in the ceiling and burned to the walls. The damage to the building is difficult to estimate at the present time, as it cannot be told how much of the structure was weakened by the burned joists. However, it is safe to say that the damage will not exceed $600.

A large amount of advertising material was stored in the part of the building where the fire started. None of this was harmed by the flames, but the water reached some of it and caused considerable damage. Williams said that $400 would easily cover the loss on advertising materials.

When the fire broke Williams took a fine painting hanging near his desk and hurried from the building. The picture is valued at $1,000, being the work of one of the Italian masters. It is the painting from which the 1903 advertising calendar will probably be made. Not only was this picture taken from the office, but the typewriter and other articles of value were carried out as soon as possible.

1903 Hamm’s Brewery St Paul MN Litho Sign Calendar2

The Saint Paul Globe
; “Brisk Blaze at Hamm’s; Advertising Matter Destroyed at Brewery—Loss $1,000.”; February 11, 1902; p. 3.



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