Sunday, May 10, 2015

On This Date in Minnesota History: May 10

May 10, 1917 – Frank McCool, held at Omaha, charged with murdering Minneapolis Patrolman George Connery and with complicity in the killing of Mrs. Alice McQuillan Dunn, St. Paul, attacked a jailer this morning when caught trying to escape jail.

Frank McCool1

Following a desperate battle, in which McCool slashed the jailer about the neck and shoulders with a razor. He was finally overcome and returned to a cell.

McCool had sawed his way through the bars of his cell with a file, and was repeating the operation on the bars of a corridor window when the noise attracted Jailer Alonzo Troby, who sprang upon him.

McCool Sawed Through Cell Bars in Omaha Jail2

McCool said he had the razor in his shoe when he was arrested, and the file had been slipped into the sole of his shoe.

News of the attempted escape caused great excitement in St. Paul and Minneapolis police departments today. McCool’s desperate fight for freedom confirmed the frequent statements of the St. Paul police authorities that he is a dangerous criminal, and will require extra guards once he is returned to Minneapolis.

St. Paul Daily News; “McCool Saws Bars, Fights With Jailer. Murder Suspect Fails in Desperate Attempt to Escape at Omaha. Had File and Razor in Shoe. Police Dragnet Said to Be Closing In on Joe Redenbaugh.”; May 10, 1917; pp. 1 and 2.

1St. Paul Daily News; May 7, 1917; p. 1.

2St. Paul Daily News; May 11, 1917; p. 2.

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