Thursday, June 7, 2018

On This Date in Minnesota History: June 7

June 7, 1913 – The ceremony of unveiling a life-sized bronze bust in honor of Ivar Aasen, poet and literature of Norway, was an event on the campus of Concordia College today. It was the centennial year of Aasen’s birth.

Bust of Ivar Aasen1

Translation of inscription on the Ivar Aasen Memorial, original in Norwegian:
"Let us never forget the forefathers in the changes we plan and conceive, for they gave us in trust a great treasure, it is greater than we may believe."

The gift to the institution was made by an association composed of leading Norwegians here and in Norway, admirers of his cause who are taking the initiative for renewing the pure Norwegian language.

The welcome address was made by Concordia’s President Aasgard. The speech in unveiling the bust was delivered by Rev. Anders Hovdenstet, sent here accredited from the government of Norway. The address transferring the monument to the school was made by Rev. K. O. M. Ness, chairman of the local committee in charge of erection of the statue. Formal acceptance of the gift was acknowledged by President Aagard. A feature of the proceedings was the receipt by the committee of 20 telegrams and cable dispatches, one from the president of Norway’s parliament; sending greetings to the people of northern Minnesota and the young people who are helping to promote the cause of Aasen, and one from King Haakon.

The proceedings closed with the delivery of messages from the people of Norway to those here through Mrs. Hulda Garborg, sent here by the parliament of Norway.

The Minneapolis Morning Tribune; “Bust Raised to Norse Poet. Centennial of Ivar Aasen’s Birth Commemorated at Concordia College, Moorhead.”; June 8, 1913; p. 2.



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