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On This Date in Minnesota History: June 9

June 9, 1914 – Chris Teigen, aged 25, single, whose parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ole Teigen, live in Wrenshall, where he was employed in the brickyard, was killed this evening about 8 while trying to board a moving Great Northern ore train, about three miles from Houston, Minn.

Wrenshall Brickyard

He had been in Carlton with I. Scone and Walter Dzuck, also employed in the Wrenshall plant and they were seeking to return when he was killed. The mangled body was taken to Cloquet where an inquest would be held. The three men left Carlton on the cars this evening for Wrenshall intending to get off at Wingate catch an ore train to Wrenshall as their train did not stop at Wrenshall. The train they left Carlton on did not stop at Wingate and carried them quite a distance before they got off.

Photo taken by Pamela J. Erickson. Released into the public domain Aug. 24, 2013,
as long as acknowledgement included.

About three miles from Houston they tried to board the moving ore train. His companions got on all right and left the train at their destination without learning of Teigen’s fate. As the ore train came through Carlton, his body was seen hanging underneath an ore car. The train was flagged and the body removed, being taken later to Cloquet. One leg had been cut off and the head crushed.

The funeral will be held at Wrenshall. His two companions and the train crew will give evidence at the Cloquet inquest.

The Duluth Herald; “Flips Train; Loses Life. Wrenshall Man Seeking Ride on Ore Train is Killed. Chris Teigen, Brickyard Employee, Is Killed Near Houston.”; June 10, 1914; p. 16.


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