Thursday, June 20, 2013

On this date in Minnesota History: June 20

June 20, 1963 – Dick W.C. Anderson confessed this evening to the murder of Carol Thompson in her home on March 6, breaking open the case that had been under heavy investigation by metro area authorities for three and a half months. Arrested in Phoenix, Ariz., on April 19, Anderson was charged at that time with first-degree murder. At 6 p.m. today, Anderson gave “a lengthy and detailed statement to Detective Lt. George Barkley, head of the [St. Paul] homicide division.

In his statement, Anderson admitted that he “entered the Thompson home alone early on the morning of March 6, and attacked Mrs. Thompson after Thompson and his children had left for work and school.” Anderson also implicated three other persons in the slaying: Norman Mastrian, Sheldon Morris and T. Eugene Thompson, the murdered woman’s husband.

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Carol and T. Eugene Thompson's wedding photo

Murder of Carol Thompson; see March 6, 2013 blog

Gun handle pieces found at the scene of Carol Thompson’s murder identified; see April 9, 2013 blog

Thieves admit to stealing and selling gun used in Carol Thompson murder; see April 17, 2013 blog

Suspects arrested in Carol Thompson’s murder; see April 19, 2013 blog

Suspect implicates another as actual murderer in Carol Thompson case; see April 21, 2013 blog

T. Eugene Thompson represented one of the suspects in his wife’s murder; see April 23, 2013 blog

Pistol used to bludgeon Carol Thompson found; see April 30, 2013 blog

T. Eugene Thompson walks out on grand jury; see May 2, 2013 blog

Getaway car in Carol Thompson murder located; see May 3, 2013 blog

Blood-stained trousers believed to have been worn by Carol Thompson’s murderer found; May 9, 2013 blog

T. Eugene Thompson arrested in his wife’s murder; see June 21, 2013 blog

T. Eugene Thompson’s role in wife’s murder revealed to public; see June 22, 2013 blog

Minn. Supreme Court affirms T. Eugene Thompson’s conviction; see Jan. 7, 2014 blog

Minn. Supreme Court denies T. Eugene Thompson’s attempt to collect wife’s insurance death benefits; see Feb. 10, 2014 blog

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