Friday, June 21, 2013

On this date in Minnesota History: June 21

June 21, 1963 – St. Paul attorney T. Eugene Thompson was arrested at 1:40 a.m. today at his Forest Lake summer residence for the murder of his wife Carol on March 6 in their Highland Park home. Thompson was taken into custody after Dick W.C. Anderson, the man charged with the actual murder of Mrs. Thompson, implicated the attorney in a murder-for-hire plot in his confession yesterday afternoon.

St. Paul Dispatch; “Suspect May Be Linked With Other Slayings”; June 21, 1963; pp. 1 & 10.
St. Paul Dispatch; “’I Would Have Come—‘ Thompson Told Officers”; June 21, 1963; p. 10.

Murder of Carol Thompson; see March 6, 2013 blog

Gun handle pieces found at the scene of Carol Thompson’s murder identified; see April 9, 2013 blog

Thieves admit to stealing and selling gun used in Carol Thompson murder; see April 17, 2013 blog

Suspects arrested in Carol Thompson’s murder; see April 19, 2013 blog

Suspect implicates another as actual murderer in Carol Thompson case; see April 21, 2013 blog

T. Eugene Thompson represented one of the suspects in his wife’s murder; see April 23, 2013 blog

Pistol used to bludgeon Carol Thompson found; see April 30, 2013 blog

T. Eugene Thompson walks out on grand jury; see May 2, 2013 blog

Getaway car in Carol Thompson murder located; see May 3, 2013 blog

Blood-stained trousers believed to have been worn by Carol Thompson’s murderer found; May 9, 2013 blog

Suspect in Carol Thompson’s murder confesses, implicates T. Eugene Thompson; see June 20, 2013 blog

T. Eugene Thompson’s role in wife’s murder revealed to public; see June 22, 2013 blog

Minn. Supreme Court affirms T. Eugene Thompson’s conviction; see Jan. 7, 2014 blog

Minn. Supreme Court denies T. Eugene Thompson’s attempt to collect wife’s insurance death benefits; see Feb. 10, 2014 blog

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